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Individual Capstone Projects

Applying for an Individual Capstone Experience is an easy process. Designed for one-on-one collaborations between a student and a selected faculty adviser, Individual Capstone projects offer ways for undergraduate students to apply their skills on projects that engage their accumulated knowledge and sensibilities. To watch an example of an Individual Capstone Project, click here.

Current Capstone Projects

Explore Current Capstone Projects to see some of the amazing work done by students. For an organized list of the various Capstone courses and programs offered here at the University of Utah, browse through the Current Capstone Programs  to start planning how you can get involved.

For more information on Capstone Programs, contact:

Stephen Goldsmith
Director, Capstone Programs
Undergraduate Studies
(801) 587-2973

Capstone Programs

Capstone courses integrate coursework, knowledge, skills, and experiential learning for the purpose of enabling students to demonstrate their synthesis of knowledge in real-world applications.  This is accomplished through providing students with opportunities to apply their accumulated learning to a meaningful project, assess outcomes, and position themselves for emerging opportunities in their fields.

Capstones in the Spotlight

As part of the new Capstone Digital Fair, students have been asked to create short videos highlighting their programs. Click here to see how these projects have impacted the world, and the students behind them.

The Capstone Program also works closely with Seven Canyons Trust, allowing students to help tend the Salt Lake Valley as part of a unique and inspiring Capstone Course.
Last Updated: 3/21/17