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Capstone Digital Fair

The Capstone Digital Fair is a collective of videos made by students to highlight their projects and initiatives. These videos are designed to showcase some of the Capstone process, and the incredible results that come alongside the hard work of our Capstone students.


The S.E.E.N. Project

Diabetes Prevention

Are You Normal?

Bryant Middle School Dance

Indoor Gardening


Woke Women

Medical Contact Lenses

 A Place by the Tay: The Cairns

Stress Management

Personal Rapid Transit

Centennial Valley

The Capstone Program

During their time at the University of Utah, students across all fields of study are encouraged to complete a Capstone. By taking their skills from the classroom to the real world, students have an opportunity to showcase their skills while working towards a better future.

Departmental Capstones

For a list of all Capstone programs and courses by college and department, click here.

Getting Started

To begin your Capstone experience, you can start by applying here.

Video Guidelines for Students

We want to showcase you and your work. The Capstone Digital Fair is designed to highlight individuals and their projects, as well as the experiences they had while working through the Capstone Program.

To help us show off your amazing projects, we ask that you create a short video reflecting your Capstone experience. This video will be compiled into a collection of videos, from students throughout the program, to celebrate the marvelous achievements brought to fruition with Capstone. Your video must be between 2 – 3 minutes long, and describe your project in a concise yet thorough way that helps highlight you and your work.

Last Updated: 3/5/18