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Current Capstone Programs

Explore current capstone programs offered through our Colleges and Departments. 

Departments and programs marked with "⊗" do not currently have any Capstone Programs for Undergraduates.

Departmental Undergraduate Capstone Experiences 


Architecture + Planning

Departments and Programs
School of Architecture

The Historic Preservation Certificate offers three Capstone Experience Courses.

Building Condition Assessment and Preservation Technology, ARCH 6570, covers the procedures of condition assessment and building reuse, as well as conservation technology and fundamental traditional building methods.

Main Street Revitalization, ARCH 6581, focusses on both the opportunities and problems associated with revitalization of pre-existing built environments.

Historic Preservation Certificate

ARCH 6570

ARCH 6581


City and Metropolitan Planning

The Honors Degree in Urban Ecology features a Capstone experience in the Honors Thesis/Project, CMP 4999. Students will culminate their studies in a required workshop showcasing their thesis project.

The Master of City and Metropolitan Planning program lets graduate students complete a Professional Project, CMP 6971, to culminate their core and specialized knowledge alongside a community-based planning workshop.

Honors Degree in Urban Planning

CMP 4999


Master of City and Metropolitan Planning

CMP 6971

Multi-Disciplinary Design

The Multi-Disciplinary Design program requires students to take a Capstone studio course for their degree.

Students may explore the entire design cycle, from initial concept to prototype development, in DES 4010 - Capstone Studio Minor. Issues ranging from business viability to graphic communication will be discussed through real problems with tangible solutions.

Aditionally, students enrolled in the B.U.S. program are able to develop and execute a design proposal, and present their work to a group of stake holders in DES 4956 - Indepedent Capstone Project.

Multi-Disciplinary Deisng Program

DES 4010

DES 4956

David Eccles School of Business

Departments and Programs  
⊗ School of Accounting   
Entrepreneurship & Strategy

 The Entrepreneurship Certificate requires students to showcase their knowledge and skills via one of several options for Capstone courses.


UGS 4820: Capstone

COMM 5170: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Communication

HIST 5100: Internship in Public History

WRTG 4001: Writing Business Plans and Proposals

Entrepreneurship Certificate

UGS 4820

COMM 5170

HIST 5100

WRTG 4001

⊗ Finance
Information Systems The Master of Science in Information Systems program allows students to put their knowledge to the test in completing a complex information systems project over the course of three semesters. In the MSIS Capstone Project, IS 6596, students may cover the selection, execution, and reporting of a project of individual interest.

Masters of Science in Information Systems Capstone Project

IS 6596

⊗ Management   
⊗ Marketing   
⊗ Operations Management

School of Dentistry

Departments and Programs  
⊗ School of Dentistry

College of Education

Departments and Programs  
⊗ Education, Culture, and Society   
⊗ Educational Leadership & Policy   
⊗ Educational Psychology   
Special Education Students pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Science in Special Education, for any emphasis, must complete one Honors Thesis/Capstone project. These projects are focussed around student teaching, action research, and end in a presentation of service learnings. 

Department of Special Education

SP ED 4999

 Susan Johnston - Special Education


Honors Bachelor in Elementary Education The Urban Institute for Teacher Education strives to assist undergraduate students pursuing elementary and secondary education licenses. The Honors Elementary Education degree requires students to culminate their studies in an Honors Thesis/Capstone project, generally involving student teaching.

Urban Institute for Teacher Education

Honors Program in Elementary Education

EDU 4999

Mary Burbank - Urban Institute for Teacher Education


College of Education

College of Engineering

Departments and Programs  

In pursuing a Bioengineering degree, interested students may partake in a Capstone program centered around bioDesign. Starting with BIOEN 3801 and continuing into BIOEN 4801 - bioDesign I and II, respectively - groups of students will follow a design concept through initial brainstorming, prototyping, redesigning, and ultimately presenting their project.

In addition, students will take BIOEN 4201 and 4202 - Bioengineering Research Thesis Writing and Communication I & II. In these courses, students learn the ins and outs of upper-division research writing, and culminate their work in an orl presentation at a public research symposium.

BioDesign Program

BIEON 3801


BIOEN 4801

BIOEN 4201


BIOEN 4202

 Kelly Broadhead - Bioengineering


Chemical Engineering The Petroleum Engineering Certificate features a Capstone project with a committee-approved topic to be pursued in CH EN 6900 - Advanced Design: Petroleum Engineering Project.

Petroleum Engineering Certificate

CH EN 6900

Milind Deo - Chemical Engineering



School of Computing


Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program

Senior students earning a degree in Computer Science must complete a year-long Capstone project or thesis. To begin, students will work in small groups to develop significant software projects in CS 4000 – Senior Capstone Project – Design Phase. The following semester, students will continue their work in CS 4500 – Senior Capstone Project, where they will present their final project at the Senior Capstone Demo Day. At the same time, students pursuing the Honors Degree should take CS 4998 – Honors Project Thesis, where they will write a thesis based on their senior project.

Alternately, students may work individually on a senior thesis with CS 4940 – Undergraduate Research under the advising of a faculty member. Upon successful completion of this course, students may move on to CS 4970 – Computer Science Bachelor’s Thesis, where they will finalize and publish their thesis prior to graduation. For those students following the Honors degree, they may take CS 4999 – Computer Science Honors Thesis/Project.

Computer Science Senior Capstone

CS 4000

CS 4500

CS 4998

CS 4940

CS 4970

CS 4999

Entertainment Arts & Engineering Capstone

Ross Whitaker - School of Computing


Civil & Environmental Engineering Students in their senior year of the Civil & Environmental Engineering program may culminate their studies in CVEEN 4910 - Professional Practice and Design. This course is only available after a minimum of two design technical electives have been completed.

CVEEN Undergraduate Program of Study

CVEEN 4910

Michael Barber - Civil & Environmental Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Students pursuing an Electrical or Computer Engineering degree must complete a year-long Capstone project or thesis.  Computer Engineering students can elect to enroll in a thesis (CS/ECE 4991 and CS/ECE 4992 -Computer Engineering Senior Thesis I and II) or work on a team to develop a significant electrical and/or computer engineering project in CS/ECE 3992 -  Computer Engineering Pre-Thesis/Pre-Clinic/Pre- Project.  The following semester, students continue their work in CS/ECE 4710 - Computer Engineering Senior Project.

Electrical Engineering students work on a team to develop a significant electrical or computer engineering project in ECE 4900 and ECE 4910 (Electrical Engineering Senior Thesis I and II).  Students pursuing an Honors degree complete a thesis.  They begin with CS/ECE 4998 and follow it with CS/ECE 4999 - Senior Honors Thesis I and II, respectively, students will conclude their project, make an oral presentation at an annual student technical conference, and submit their thesis for approval.

All students work outside of a classroom setting to complete their entire operational project.  All students present through formal presentations, posters, and/or demonstrations their completed projects.  At the end of their project, all students submit a final report or a thesis.

ECE Senior Capstone Experience

ECE 3992

ECE 4710

ECE 4991


ECE 4992

ECE 4900


ECE 4910

CS/ECE 4998


CS/ECE 4999

Agnela Rasmussen - Electrical and Computer Engineering


Mechanical Engineering The Mechanical Engineering department offers senior students the opportunity to take on projects in a group setting as part of the "U Capstone" program. Throughout two semesters, students will tackle problems submitted by faculty and industry sponsors, and work together to devise a unique and structured solution that meets their sponsor's needs. 

Mechanical Engineering Capstone


Shad Roundy - Mechanical Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering Seniors in the Materials Science and Engineering program should take MSE 5098 - Senior Design. In this course, students will be able to work on an independent design project with a faculty advisor in the student's area of specialization.

Materials Science Senior Capstone Project

MSE 5098

Marcie Leek - Materials Science and Engineering



College of Fine Arts

Departments and Programs  
Art & Art History The Art History major features a rotating basis of Capstone courses, each focussing on selected themes in art history along with visual studies. Students will focus on a topic, and spend the course researching the issues and styles surrounding that concept. Bachelor's Degree in Art History

Elizabeth Peterson - Art/Art History



The Ballet program offers two unique courses for senior students to showcase their acquired knowledge and skill.

The Senior Capstone, BALLE 4940, allows students to apply the concepts they have learned to a real-world ballet project. In this way, students will be able to derive a greater benefit from their experience as they see the importance of their studies culminate before them.

The Senior Capstone Honors, BALLE 4960, is for students wishing to do their Capstone project in choreography. Upon approval of a proposal, students will be responsible for choreographing, costuming, and lighting an entire Showcase production.

BALLE 4940

BALLE 4960

Brent Schneider - School of Dance


Modern Dance

The Modern Dance program offers two courses to seniors in preparation of a final performance at the senior concert. DANC 4460 – Senior Capstone I focusses on the planning of a final performance as well as an exploration into a career in dance. DANC 4461 – Senior Capstone II/Choreographic Research to Public Performance coordinates choreography, lighting, costuming and production of dances for the senior concert, as well as preparing students for a career in dance.

DANC 4460

DANC 4461

Stephen Koester - School of Dance


Film & Media Arts Students in the Film & Media Arts major are able to culminate their studies with a final production, be it animation, cinematogrophy, or EAE. Aside from the EAE videogame-based Capstones, FILM 4950 - Production Project and FILM 4999 - Honors Thesis/Project allow students to take their vision for a film and make it into a reality.

FILM 4950

FILM 4999

FA 4950

Kevin Hanson - College of Fine Arts


School of Music

The School of Music offers two Capstones for both Music Education and Music Performance majors. The Senior Recital, MUSC 4920, serves to showcase the true musical talent the student has cultivated over their years of instrumental and theory study. The Senior Project, MUSC 4970, similarly serves as the culmination of musical knowledge, and is shown through research papers in theory and music history, as well as composition projects.

MUSC 4920

MUSC 4970

Miguel Chauqui - College of Fine Arts


Theatre Students in the Theatre Department have the opportunity to fulfil a final project relating to their emphasis. For those involved with performing, THEA 4919 – Individual Performance Projects serves as an opportunity to showcase their talents through a supervised performance project. Similarly, THEA 4950 – Individual Stage Management Projects, provides students with the experience of stage managing a production.

In addition, some students may choose to pursue an Honors degree, and partake in THEA 4999 – Honors Thesis/Project. Here, students will have the opportunity to complete an individualized project such as writing or directing a play under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

THEA 4919

THEA 4950

THEA 4999

Gage Williams - College of Fine Arts



College of Health

Departments and Programs  
⊗ Communication Sciences and Disorders   
Health Promotion and Education Students following the Health Promotion and Education curriculum are expected to complete a Capstone project in practice with program planning and community involvement. In both H EDU 4600 and H EDU 4610 – Health Education Practicum I and II, students are immersed in a year-long Capstone experience of implementing a health promotion and education intervention onto a target population in the community. In addition, those following the Community Health degree must track 200 hours of medical service, while students in he Emergency Health program must track 100 hours.

Health Promotion and Education Undergraduate Program

H EDU 4600

H EDU 4610

Leslie Chatelain - Health Promotion and Education



In the new Kinesiology program, students are required to complete 36 hours of Community Engaged Learning, alongside five credit hours of a Capstone course. Promoting Physical Activity in the Community – KINES 4900 lets senior students work with individuals of various ages on self-designed movement activities. This program provides students with service-learning and field experiences, as well as a taste at their future careers.

Kinesiology Undergraduate Program

KINES 4900

Joshua Lareaux - Kineseology


⊗ Nutrition and Integrative Physiology   
⊗ Occupational & Recreational Therapies
⊗ Physical Therapy and Athletic Training   
Parks, Recreation and Tourism

In the Parks, Recreation and Tourism major, students are required to complete a Capstone cooperative education experience. Consisting of PRT 3800 and PRT 4828 – Cooperative Education I and II, students will be able to experience a career in a PRT agency of their preferred emphasis as they gain fieldwork experience.

For students pursuing the Therapeutic Recreation program, PRT 5828 – Cooperative Education\Practicum II in Therapeutic Recreation also provides field experience. Students will spend a semester in a professional setting consistent with their goals and interests as they apply the skills they’ve developed through their undergraduate education.

Therapeutic Recreation Program

PRT 3800

PRT 4828

PRT 5828

Kelly Brown - Recreation


College of Health

Honors College

Departments and Programs  
Honors College Honors students have the opportunity to couple their HONOR 4999 - Honors Thesis/Project with a Capstone program for unique and innovative ideas. HONOR 4999 Honors Faculty Advisors by College
 Honors College

College of Humanities

Departments and Programs  
Asian Studies

The Capstone to the Asia Studies program is a signature experience that may be fulfilled by a relevant internship, study abroad program, research course, or Honors thesis.

The Senior Seminar – ASTP 4990 serves as a similar course which culminates the student’s undergraduate studies. The Honors Thesis/Project - ASTP 4999 is also available for interested students.

Asian Studies Undergraduate Program

ASTP 4990

ASTP 4999

 Janet Theiss - History


Communication  In order to complete Tier 5 of the Communications program, students are required to tak two Capstone courses in their field of interest. Students may select these courses on the guidelines from the Communications Career & Interest Guide.  List of Communications Capstone Courses

Kent Ono - Communications



Students pursuing an English major are required to take one advanced senior seminar to culminate their studies on the history and theory of English literature. These seminars are available in three options, but students are only required to take one:

ENGL 5630 – Advanced Seminar in British Studies

ENGL 5640 – Advanced Seminar in American Studies

ENGL 5650 – Advanced Seminar in Comparative Studies. 

English Department Undergraduate Program

ENGL 5630

ENGL 5640

ENGL 5650

 Barry Weller - English


⊗ Environmental Humanities   

For Honors students following the History or History Teaching majors, a Capstone thesis is required. HIST 4999 – Honors Thesis/Project serves to showcase everything the student has learned, as well as apply it to a new concept, while also satisfying one of the seven upper-division elective requirements.

History Undergraduate Program

HIST 4999

Eric Hinderaker - History


⊗ International Studies   
Languages and Literature

Many language programs will have students showcase their ability in a 4990 – Capstone Course. In this setting, students will be tasked with a paper or project that showcases their knowledge and skill in that language. Additionally, students pursuing an Honors degree are required to complete an Honors Thesis/Project – HONOR 4999, which generally follows the style of a presentation in language proficiency.  

World Languages & Cultures Undergraduate Program 

Katharina Gerstenberger - World Languages & Cultures


⊗ Latin American Studies   



For Theoretical majors in the Linguistics program, there is a mandatory Capstone course. LING 5900 – Senior Capstone satisfies an upper division communication/writing requirement and embodies all the principles students learn throughout their undergraduate education.

For TESOL Track majors, LING 5813 – Practicum: Capstone is a requirement for graduation. This course meets with graduate students in the TESOL Track, and involved the observation and teaching of L2 classes.

Linguistics Undergraduate Program

LING 5900

LING 5813

Patricia Hanna - Linguistics


⊗ Middle East Studies   
Peace & Conflict Studies

Students pursuing a degree in the Peace and Conflict Studies program are required to take one Capstone course within the Communications department. Dialogue and Cultural Studies – COMM 5150 allows students to explore the impacts of conversation on social reality.

The Peace and Conflict Studies Capstone Course – COMM 5810 examines the nature of post-conflict reconciliation in all social levels, as well as touches upon the seven main themes of P&C studies.

P&CS Capstone Information

COMM 5150

COMM 5810

David Derezotes - Peace and Conflict Studies


⊗ Philosophy   
Religious Studies

Majors in the Religious Studies program are required to take RELS 4990 – Religious Studies Capstone. This senior seminar is an independent study, where students complete a project centered on a significant cultural issue in the student’s area of emphasis. Through this course, students will be able to exchange ideas and explore large cultural questions.

Religious Studies Undergraduate Program

RELS 4990

Maeera Shreiber - College of Humanities


Writing and Rhetoric Studies

Both majors and minors in the Writing and Rhetoric Studies program are required to take WRTG 5990 – Senior Seminar. This course helps students culminate their work into individual professional portfolios and provides inspiration for their future writing careers.

Writing & Rhetoric Studies Undergraduate Program 

WRTG 5990

Jay Jordan - Writing & Rhetoric Studies



School of Medicine

Departments and Programs  
School of Accounting

The Medical Laboratory Science program has a robust Capstone requirement. Students are expected to complete 19 total credit hours, accompanying an internship, case study, and self-evaluation. Many of the upper-division requirements are Capstone courses help students apply what they’ve learned in a professional clinical setting.

Medical Laboratory Science Undergraduate Program

Medical Laboratory Science Curriculum

Justin Rhees - Pathology



College of Mines and Earth Sciences

Departments and Programs  
Atmospheric Sciences

In the Atmospheric Sciences program, students have three options to complete a Capstone project in their senior year. They may complete an internship in a field of their emphasis, complete an extra project in a senior-level class, or partake in research with a faculty member from a range of areas and disciplines.

Atmospheric Sciences Capstone Program 

Kevin Perry - Mines and Earth Sciences


Geology and Geophysics

Students in the Geology & Geophysics program have the opportunity to work with a faculty member in a six-week internship in geoscience research. 

Geology & Geophysics Undergraduate Program 

Thure Cerling - Geology & Geophysics


Metallurgical Engineering

For the Metallurgical Engineering degree, students may take MET E 5830 – Senior Project as their Capstone project. Upon approval of an individual research or design prospect, senior students may investigate and submit their findings in a report or thesis.

Metallurgical Engineering Undergraduate Program 

MET E 5830

Manoranjan Misra - Metallurgical Engineering


Mining Engineering

In the department of Mining Engineering, senior students are required to fulfill a Senior Design requirement. MN EN 5090 – Underground Mine Design and MG EN 5120 – Surface Mine Design have students design and present a project integrating the mining concepts they have learned in their studies.

MG EN 5090

MG EN 5120

Kim McCarter - Mining Engineering



College of Nursing

Departments and Programs  

To complete the Capstone project for Nursing majors, students must take eight credit hours in practical courses. In addition, students must log a minimum of 270 clinical hours in practice, to embody their skills and experience their future careers.

Nursing Bachelor of Science

Carolyn Scheese  - College of Nursing



College of Pharmacy

Departments and Programs  ​
⊗  College of Pharmacy

College of Science

Departments and Programs
⊗ Biology
⊗ Chemistry

For the Capstone course in Mathematics, students examine secondary school mathematics from an advanced perspective in MATH 5700. Students will explore abstract algebra, analysis, and geometry through fundamental and upper-division concepts to help promote student’s understandings of mathematics as a whole.

MATH 5700

Natasha Carlton - Mathematics


⊗ Physics and Astronomy

College of Social & Behavioral Science

Departments and Programs  
⊗ Anthropology   

For those earning a degree in Economics, students may complete a Capstone project helping them put their skills to use in society. ECON 4670 – Economics Research in the Community allows students to work in small groups with local organizations on projects involving statistical and economic analysis, culminating in a professional report highlighting their programs.

Economics Undergraduate Program 

ECON 4670

Thomas Maloney - Economics


Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Students pursuing a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies may complete a Capstone project in ENVST 5555. In this course, students will apply their studies and discuss the relevance of their education as they relate them to models of environmental and sustainability issues. In conclusion, they will complete a project utilizing their skills supported through the Ivory Homes Capstone Initiative Fund.

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Program

ENVST 5555

Brett Clark – Sociology


Ethnic Studies

Seniors in the Ethnic Studies program are required to complete a Capstone course in Advanced Explorations in Ethnic Studies – ETHNC 5910. Students will embark on an in-depth exploration into the various subcultures in American society, and take a look at the meaning of race as it ties in to modern life.


 Ethnic Studies Program

ETHNC 5910

Ed Munoz – Sociology


Family & Consumer Studies

Students in the Family & Consumer Studies program, particularly those pursuing the Financial Planning emphasis, may choose to fulfil their community application requirement with FCS 5550 – Family Financial Planning Capstone. In this course, students will work individually and in groups evaluating personal financial situations through case studies, accompanied by visits from financial planning professionals.


Family & Consumer Studies Undergraduate Program 

FCS 5550

Lori Kowaleski-Jones – Family and Consumer Studies


⊗ Gender Studies  
⊗ Geography
Health, Society, and Policy

For seniors in the Health, Society and Policy program, students will satisfy their Capstone requirement in HSP 5000. Here, a single topic of health is chosen each year and explored from various disciplines across the faculty and students in the HSP program.


 HSP Capstone

HSP 5000

Anne Yeagle – Health, Society & Policy


Political Science

While the Political Science program does not have any specific Capstone course, students are invited to participate in their own research and projects in the forms of theses and undergraduate research projects. In these programs, students have the opportunities to express what they’ve learned and pursue their own interests with intrigue and passion.

 Political Science Undergraduate Program

Mark Button – Political Science


⊗ Psychology   
⊗ Sociology   


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