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How to Propose a Collaborative Capstone Experience

Collaborative Capstone Projects

Applying for a Collaborative Capstone Projects is an easy process. Designed for transdisciplinary collaborations among students and a selected faculty advisor or advisors, Collaborative Capstone projects offer ways for undergraduate students to apply their skills on projects that engage their accumulated knowledge and sensibilities in collaboration with other undergraduate students and their advisors.


Students are required to work with a faculty advisor or advisors to develop a one or two semester-long plan for their project. Each student will need to register for the UGS 4820 Course (3 credits) and submit a plan (form attached) that describes:
  • The overall project plan, including an assessment plan;
  • Project participants including the advisor(s) and any organization(s) that may be included;
  • Project duration, and;
  • An optional request for funds to support the project.

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Last Updated: 1/20/17